Which Online Exam System is Reliable for Organizing Large-scale Exams?

Currently, many large exams in businesses and schools are conducted online. Because online exams have incomparable advantages over offline exams, such as saving exam venues, breaking geographical restrictions and so on. However, large-scale exam is not a simple matter for many online exam systems, because it has high requirements on it. So what kind of examination system can be used to carry out large-scale online examinations? We can choose a suitable examination system by analyzing the examination needs of large exams.

Stability of exam system

Large-scale exams mean large numbers of test takers, which can be a challenge for many exam systems. The test organizer should pay attention to the stability of the test system, otherwise the large-scale test is likely to fail due to the instability of the system.

Reduce staff investment

Large-scale exams require a large number of personnel to participate in the whole process of the examination. If all steps in the examination process are manually operated, the examination cycle will be longer.

The above two points are more concerned by users. As a supplier of online exam systems, we have helped users successfully conduct many large-scale examinations, so we believe that Online Exam Maker is an exam system suitable for conducting large-scale online exams.

  • There are two versions of Online Exam Maker, SaaS and LAN. For the former, we have conducted multiple load tests, which can support more than 10,000 candidates to participate in the test at the same time. The latter is a B/S architecture. Even if there is a problem on the administrator side, the examinee side can take the test normally.

online exam system

  • There are multiple functions inOnline Exam Maker to reduce the investment of personnel. In the process of invigilation, due to the large number of candidates, the high cheating rate ranking can help administrators reduce the burden of invigilation work. After the test, the system will automatically mark the test papers; at the same time, the system will also automatically analyze the test data of candidates. The above functions can be completed by the system, reducing the investment of personnel.

online exam system

Large-scale examinations have high requirements for online exam systems. As a developer with many years of development experience, Online Exam Maker continues to provide users with practical functions. If you are looking for a secure exam system to conduct online exams, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to register an account and experience it for free.