What is the process of organizing exams with online exam system? Is it hard?

Affected by covid-19 pandemic, teaching as well as exams has to be converted to online. But is it hard to conduct exams online? What is the process of organizing exams with online exam system?

Actually, it is not hard at all to conduct online exams. To begin with, you need to choose an online exam system. Then you can start creating online exams.

Firstly, import your existing questions in batches into the question bank or add questions one by one before you create an exam. Questions can be managed by category, for example subject, in question bank.

Then you can start creating an exam. There are four simple steps to create an exam in online exam system. They are:

  1. fill in basic information(including the title and the description of the exam) ;
  2. select questions from the question bank;

There are three modes to select questions from the question bank. Administrators can select fixed questions from the question bank.Or they can choose the random mode to select questions by category randomly therefore students will not have the same questions, which is an effective way to prevent students from cheating. The exam questions can also be a mixture of fixed questions and random questions.

  1. add settings;

The administrators can set up the time, anti-cheating features, mode, etc. Of the exam.

The time of the exam can be independent time or dynamic time, and the shortest test duration can also be set up by the administrators.

Practice mode or exam mode can be chosen by the administrators. If the practice mode is open, the candidates can check the answer and analysis after answering a question.

If the credibility of the examinations is required, there are also many powerful anti-cheating features provided by online exam system, such as screen switching limit, interruption limit, full screen mode, no copying questions, no pasting content, surveillance camera, face recognition and intelligent anti-cheating monitoring, which can effectively deter students from cheating.

  1. release the exam.

Then, the administrator can send the link or the QR code of the exam to the candidates. Therefore, the candidates can click the link or scan the QR code to take the exam remotely.

It is the process of organizing exams with online exam system. If you are interested in it, you could have a free trial by yourself. Free trial of online exam system is available anyway.

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