Which Industries Need Online Tests?

online exam system

Most people should be familiar with online exams, because online exams allow many users to save a lot of costs when conducting exams, so that exam organizers do not need to spend a lot of time on unnecessary steps. As a developer of an online exam system, we found that customers who need to conduct online exams can be divided into the following types. We hope to provide some suggestions for you who are still considering whether to use online exams.


During the COVID-19 period, many schools cannot be opened normally, and students’ study and examinations are affected. However, schools in many countries and regions have launched online courses and online exams to enable students to continue their learning. Many schools began to try to use online exams during the epidemic, even in the post-epidemic phase, most schools will continue to carry out online exams and adopt online and offline education methods.

Educational institution

In addition to schools, there are educational institutions that can create courses and exams. However, the students of educational institutions are generally distributed in multiple regions, so many educational institutions have launched online exams so that students who are not in the same place can participate in the same exam. It means that students can participate in courses and exams online without leaving home.


Many enterprises, including government agencies, need regular professional skills training for their employees. If each test is conducted offline, the cost will be higher. In order to save time and reduce costs, most companies currently mainly conduct online professional skills tests. Enterprise training costs are lower, and it is more convenient for employees to participate in tests.

Contests and certificate exam

In addition to various examinations in schools, educational institutions and enterprises, many institutions or examination centers also conduct examinations, such as knowledge contests or certificate examinations. andidates for these exams are generally located in many places and even in different countries and regions around the world. In this way, online exams can enable candidates in different countries and regions to participate in the same exam. The most important thing is that some online exam systems have the function of issuing certificates, which can be used to create certificate exams.

For enterprises, schools or institutions that often carry out examinations, it is more convenient to use the online exam system to carry out online examinations. Because technology can avoid excessive manual input, thereby improving work efficiency. Click the “Sign up” button at the top right to create an online exam immediately for free.