Ways to stop cheating when organizing online tests with online exam proctor

Under the influence of COVID-19,many schools have transformed offline teaching to online teaching. And also the offline examinations have been transformed to online examinations. But what if the examinee cheats without proctors? Here is a solution from online exam proctor:anti cheating. There are ways to stop cheating when organizing online tests with online exam proctor.

A. Screen Switching Restriction

While organizing online tests, users are able to set up the times that students are allowed to switch the screen and if the number of times exceeds, the test paper will be forcefully handed in by the system. Therefore, while taking the exam, students will not be able to switch the screen to search for the correct answer to the questions.

B. Interruption Limitation

The times of interruption that students are allowed can be set by the users. For example, if the times allowed of interruption is 2 times, once the times reach 3, then the test papers will be handed in by the system. Thus, students can not interrupt taking the exam to search for the correct answer.

C. Full Screen Mode

Once the full screen mode is set by the users, the students are not able to exit the mode unless they finish answering and submit their answer sheets, which would greatly reduce students’ cheating.

D. No Copying or Pasting

Taking an exam online without proctors, some students may misbehave by copying the questions to look for the answers and pasting them. However, no copying and pasting can be set so that students can not copy the questions to look for the correct answers.

E. Camera Surveillance

The feature of surveillance camera can be set by the users, and the surveillance camera will be on during the students taking the exam. The users can also check the photos captured by the system to see if there is something abnormal.

F. Face Recognition

What if students do an examination for others? Here is an effective way to prevent that from happening: face recognition. Once the face recognition function is turned on, the face of the student must match the photo that is uploaded by the teachers before to enter the examination. Otherwise, students will not be able to take the exam.

G. Intelligent Anti-Cheating Monitoring

The online exam proctor is able to detect multiple faces, verify the identity of the examinee and check the small movements made by the students, such as lowering or turning their heads during the exam taken time. The users can set the times of the situations said just now that is allowed, and once the times exceeds, the system will compulsory hand in the paper.

Also users are able to set sound sensitivity. If the times of sound detected that is louder than the set sensitivity exceeds the set times, the system will also compulsory hand in the paper.

These are effective ways for users to stop cheating when organizing online tests with online exam proctor.

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