Exams and Revision on Online Exam System

Washington state announced a stay-at-home order on March 23. An artist in America, called Weng, with 2 children age 5 and 7, had already spent 3 weeks at home due to the suspension of classes in her children school district. It’s really a challenge for people like her to manage the multitasks between work and child care.

The students do have online courses from school, but actually it’s the parents’ duty to ensure their children carry out the study on the mobile phones or computer. According to what she said, the teacher will give assignments online, and the student can choose to complete or ignore them.

“Even if you submitted your assignment, the teacher can’t revise it well and promptly.”
It is widely known practice makes perfect. When each class is over, according practices will be needed to enhance the knowledge absorbing. For schools and training institutions, present situation is not good. In addition, revising assignment seems a tough and complicate work to teachers based on the Internet, lacking of an effective online exam system, the Online Exam Maker is recommended.

Online learning is moving the classroom from the school to the Internet. It is easy to upload your course videos to the Internet while conducting an exam is not so easy.

Online Exam Maker is a specialist on exam making and conducting.

Our online exam system provides automatic marking and comprehensive statistic analysis. Revising students’ exams can give students a feedback about their understanding towards new knowledge. Since revising is a time-consuming work, Online Exam Maker can automatically revise the objective questions, and also organizer have the right to allocate the revising work to other teachers of the same section.

The statistic analysis will be generated as a comprehensive report as data reference for you to fast figure out students’ understanding level. This can largely help for your later classes because you can enhance the knowledge or skills that students are not familiar.


Online Exam Maker can really be a good helper for teachers. Works to produce effective online exams on it. Sign up and begin your online exam journey now.