What Tools can Help Teachers Improve Their Information Literacy?

Information literacy is a basic ability that people need to possess in the era of globalization. This ability includes how to obtain information, how to evaluate and effectively use the required information. Our society has already entered a new era of rapid development of informatization, and the trend of technological development can be felt from the speed of electronic product upgrading. As electronic devices are used by more and more people, the impact on society is becoming more and more profound. But people’s information literacy is also very important. For education, the information literacy of teachers can play a huge role in teaching in the new era. The most obvious thing is that during the COVID-19, online education proposed by countries and regions has higher requirements for teachers’ information literacy.

I have a friend who is a teacher, she often complains to me that work often makes her annoyed. During the COVID-19 in 2020, many schools launched online exams. For my friends, online teaching is not a hassle, but organizing online exams is difficult. Before the outbreak, most teachers had no experience in conducting online exams. How to create test papers, how to build a question bank to store a large number of test questions, how to arrange for multiple teachers to correct a test paper to ensure the accuracy of the scores, and how to analyze the students’ exam situation, etc. These are the reasons why teachers are not confident in conducting online exams. Are there practical and easy-to-operate tools that can help teachers master the method of creating online exams?

As a professional quiz maker, Online Exam Maker is used by many people to conduct online exams because of its easy operation and a variety of practical functions.

Create an exam easily

It only needs four steps to create an exam in Online Exam Maker. Users can create an exam in a few minutes according to the steps prompted by the system.

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Import questions in batches

The system provides users with a free question bank. Users can upload questions to the question bank in batches, and then set up category management, which saves teachers the time to import test questions.

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Exam correction setting

The system administrator can assign a test paper to multiple sub-administrators for correction, making the scores of the test paper more convincing.

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Analysis of exam results

When the examination paper is corrected, the system will automatically analyze the candidates’ results. Teachers can analyze students’ exams from multiple aspects and improve students’ performance.

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As a professional quiz maker, Online Exam Maker can help teachers master the method of creating online and improve their information literacy. If you want to improve your information literacy, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience it for free.