Several Tools to Help Teachers Reduce the Burden of Teaching

With the rapid development of education informatization, many teachers need teaching tools.Teaching tools can assist teachers in solving problems encountered in teaching, and can also attract students’ attention and increase students’ interest in learning. Many teachers use a variety of teaching tools to reduce their workload. Here are a few practical teaching tools.


It is a tool for drawing math graphics, which is helpful for math teachers to draw patterns in class. Math teachers usually need to draw many types of graphs, such as function graphs, geometric graphs, etc. The patterns drawn by hand will have errors, which will make students misunderstanding the teacher’s meaning. This tool can help teachers draw accurate graphics.

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It is a free whiteboard tool that both teachers and students can use. When you draw on the whiteboard, you can add sounds, pictures, etc., and record them as a video. These video materials can be reused, and teachers can avoid repetitive work.

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Read Write Think

It is an English website that covers teaching plans and reading materials for different grades. Teachers can quickly find the materials they need according to specific templates, saving time for lesson preparation.

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Online Exam Maker

An online exam system that can create exams independently, and exams can be created in just four steps. The system supports to import test questions in batches, teachers can create their own question bank, and the test questions in the question bank can be reused. When candidates are taking exams, the system supports anti-cheating functions such as face recognition, anti-cut screen, and intelligent anti-cheating detection, which can ensure the fairness of tests and reduce the workload of teachers’ invigilation. When the exam is over, the teacher can view the test data in the back-end of the system, the data can be exported. Teachers don’t need to manually make a table to record the student’s test scores.

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Teaching tools can help teachers avoid unnecessary work in teaching and reduce the teaching burden. The above are just some practical teaching tools. In recent years, online education has become more and more popular, and online examination systems have become one of the best teaching tools. If you are also interested in the online exam system, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right to experience more functions.