What to Do with the Embarrassing Situations in Online Exams?

As the developer of the online exam system, we not only pay attention to the experience of teachers as administrators, but also to the experience of test takers. Many candidates experience the following embarrassing situations during the exam.

  1. The exam is suddenly interrupted.
  2. Candidates forgot to take an exam.
  3. Candidates cannot answer all the questions within the specified time.
  4. Early submission of papers

Although these situations occur in many online exams, Online Exam Maker, as a professional online exam system, can effectively avoid the above situations.


During the online exam, interruptions in the exam due to network or equipment failures will affect the exam. In Online Exam Maker, if the exam is interrupted, the administrator can help to restore the test paper. And then the candidates can enter the exam again, the interrupted answer sheet will not be affected.

Notify to take the exam

Some test-takers forget to take an online test, even if their teacher has told them the test time. Administrator can send the exam time and exam link to the candidates by email.

online exam system

Upload attachment to answer question

When answering the essay questions, some candidates will waste a lot of time in this step of text input due to their slow typing speed. Candidates can upload attachments as answers when answering questions in Online Exam Maker.

online exam system

Tips of exam submission

In order to prevent candidates from submitting test papers due to improper operation, when candidates click the button to submit test papers, there will be a pop-up window in the system for candidates to confirm whether they want to submit test papers. In addition, administrators can set mandatory answering rules. In other words, candidates can only submit the test paper after they have answered the questions or the test is over.

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Problems encountered by the candidates in the online exam can be easily resolved in Online Exam Maker. Click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page can experience Online Exam Maker for free.