What Problems in Offline Exams can be Avioded with Online Exam?

Since COVID-19, more and more schools and institutions have moved exams from offline to online. As a new form of exam, online exam brings convenience to people. In the post-epidemic era, the number of users of the online exam system continues to rise, and online exams are being conducted more and more often. The reason is that online exams can avoid some of the difficulties encountered in offline exams and make the exams go more smoothly. As a practical examination system, Online Exam Maker can help users to carry out online examinations quickly.

Organize and take exams more easily

Online exams allow exam organization and participation to take place online, which saves a lot of time.

online exam system

four steps can create an exam

  1. When an exam organizer creates an online exam inOnline Exam Maker. it takes only four steps to successfully publish an online exam. In addition, in order to make the test taking soomthly, Online Exam Maker provides users with a variety of practical functions, and users can set the test paper according to their needs. This not only enables the examination to be carried out quickly, but also enables the examination to be carried out effectively.
  2. Candidates can take the test anytime, anywhere, without having to go to the designated test venue.When candidates take the exam, they don’t need to download the software. Click the exam link shared by the exam organizer can take the exam.

Reduce disputes

The information recording and checking of the online exam is mainly carried out by the system, which reduces the manual input and the error rate.

online exam system

cheating record

  1. Before the exam, candidates need to successfully pass the facial recognition system before they can enter the exam, which avoids problems such as time-consuming and error-prone manual verification of information in offline exams.
  2. During the exam, all the cheating behaviors of candidates will be recorded in the exam record, and it is difficult for candidates to deny their cheating behavior.

Save cost

Online exams avoid the use of paper and exam venues. The online exam system can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis, and a lifetime version is also available.

online exam system

LAN version exam system for lifetime use

More types of test questions

Offline paper-based exams have restrictions on the types of questions, however, exams conducted in the online exam system can have multiple types of question types. Users can insert audio, video, and pictures into the test questions, which enriches the content of the test questions. In addition, there is no restriction for any industry to conduct exam in Online Exam Maker. Whether it is a school, an enterprise or an educational institution, Online Exam Maker can meet the needs.

Online exams bring convenience to users, but also enable exams to be carried out effectively. If you want to increase the efficiency of taking exams, Online Exam Maker is suitable for you. Click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to get a free trial opportunity.