What are the Similarities between Online Exams and Offline Exams?

Online exams are talked about by more and more people. Some of these discussants support online exams and some oppose online exams. Opponents believe that online examinations only can be carried out successfully in an online exam system, they think operating the examination system is a trouble. In fact, many exam system developers have developed simple-to-operate test systems based on user needs, the steps for conducting tests are no different from offline tests. For example, Online Exam Maker is used by more and more people because of its easy operation. The following are some similarities between the use of Online Exam Maker for online exams and offline exams.

online exam system

Create exam

No matter which method is used to conduct the exam, it is necessary to create test papers. When creating test papers in offline exams, they are usually stored in electronic file format. However, in online exams, administrators can store test questions in a free question bank to prevent test questions from leaking. Online Exam Maker supports four steps to create a complete test question. When creating the test paper, the administrator only needs to select the test question in the question bank and complete the test paper information to share the test link or QR code with the test takers.

online exam system

create exam in four steps


Many people think that there will be no invigilation step for online exams. In fact, like offline exams, the organizer of the online exam can also monitor the exam situation of the candidates during the exam. In Online Exam Maker, the system provides a variety of anti-cheating functions to ensure the fairness of the test, such as face recognition when entering the test; screen switching limit during the test, prohibiting copy and paste functions and so on.

online exam system

warning of cheating

Test paper correction

After the online exam is over, it needs to be corrected. Just like the offline exam, some essay questions need to be corrected manually. However, for some questions with fixed answers, the system can automatically complete the correction. At the same time, the essay questions can be assigned to multiple administrators for correction, which can not only reduce the workload of the administrators, but also quickly get the test results.

online exam system

test papers can be assigned to multiple administrators

Online exams have the steps of creating test papers, proctoring and correcting test papers like the offline exams. However, as a professional online exam system, Online Exam Maker can provide not only the steps in the above examination, but also the functions like post-exam data analysis and learning. If you are interested in the online exam, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right to learn more about details of the useful system.