Online exams VS offline exams? Which is better

Whether it’s an offline test or an online test, the test is a good way to test students. Affected by covid-19, lots of exams have to be conducted online using online exam system. But which exam format is better? Is it an online exam or an offline exam?

It is known that people are accustomed to offline exams. But it does not mean that offline exams are better than online exams. Online exams have the following advantages:

  • Online exams are environment-friendly and paper-free;
  • Support hundreds of thousands of candidates;
  • Support real-time screen proctoring and AI proctoring and other powerful anti-cheating features to maintain the integrity of the exams;
  • Students can take online exams from home, which is more convenient;
  • Auto grading, reducing the burden on teachers, etc.

Therefore, what is said is that both online exams and offline exams have their own advantages. Therefore, it is recommended that users choose the exam format according to the situation. For example, during the covid-19 pandemic, it is more suitable to conduct exams online for the health of students and teachers. Fortunately, well-developed online exam system like Online Exam Maker can be used for online exams. Online exam system has the following features:

  • Efficiency to create a question bank
  • Efficiency to create online exams
  • Learning management module
  • Candidate management
  • Diverse question types
  • Random order of questions and options
  • Date&time restrictions of exams
  • Timed exams
  • Practice mode exams
  • Questions with images,audios and videos
  • Powerful anti-cheating functions, including live&AI proctoring, face recognition, surveillance camera, full screen mode and so on
  • Automatic grading
  • Transcripts Generation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Exportable question paper, reports, answer sheets and so on

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