What Problems can be Avoided by Using Quiz Maker to Conduct Exams?

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While online exams are being carried out more and more frequently, it also promotes the development of the technology of online exam tool. With the continuous development of technology, practical online tools solve many problems that people encounter in real life. For online tests, a practical quiz maker can solve the challenges users face when creating exams. As a provider of online exam tools, we often receive some inquiries about exam difficulty from users. This article will tell you how we can help test organizers avoid these problems?

Lots of candidates taking exam simultaneously

The large number of people taking the same exam has high requirements on the stability of the exam system, especially if more than 10,000 candidates take the exam at the same time. In Online Exam Maker, the test organizer can easily conduct simultaneous tests with more than 10,000 people. Before the test starts, we will provide clients with a stress test report of the test system to ensure that the test system can remain stable when a large number of candidates enter the test.

Difficult to prevent cheating

Candidates seem to have more ways to cheat in exams. To the annoyance of test organizers, candidates cheating on online exams are hard to detect. Therefore, the best way to keep your online exams safe is to conduct online exams in a reliable quiz maker. According to several cheating methods commonly used by candidates, Online Exam Maker provides corresponding anti-cheating functions for test organizers. It has a great effect on preventing candidates from switching screens, using mobile phones or flipping through books to find answers, using third-party devices, and asking for help from people around them.

Complex exam marking

In Online Exam Maker, test organizer can save a lot of time in marking the test papers. After the candidates submit the test papers, the test system will automatically correct the multiple-choice questions, matching questions, true or false questions and other objective types of questions in the test paper. The test organizer only needs to correct the subjective questions such as the essay questions.

Difficult to obtain exam data

Exam data analysis is a necessary step in conducting exams, as multiple exam data can help exam organizers analyze exam situations. In Online Exam Maker, when all test papers are marked, the system will automatically analyze the test data. System administrators can view test paper analysis, candidate analysis, test question analysis and other data in the test system.

The online exams carried out in the online exam tool can reduce the manual input and make the online exams more and more diversified. If you need to easily conduct an online exam, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to try the exam function in Online Exam Maker for free.