Reasons for Using LAN Quiz Maker

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Online exams have always been around us. Whether it is corporate recruitment, corporate training assessment, or school training, online exams seem to have become one of the inevitable activities in people’s work and study life. For some industries, such as government departments and schools, they will pay more attention to the data security of exams. Therefore, compared to the online exam, the LAN exam maker can meet the requirements better. As a developer of an online exam system, we provide users with several reasons to choose LAN exam maker.

Stronger stability

The LAN version of Online Exam Maker adopts the B/S architecture, which is guaranteed for exams with a large number of exams at the same time. Compared with the online exam system, it can not be affected by the network. Therefore, candidates will not be terminated due to network instability during the exam.

More cost effective

The LAN version can be bought one-off and the user can use it for a lifetime. Moreover, users can upgrade the new version for free after purchase, which is suitable for users who often hold online exams. Compared with the online version, it can save a lot of costs.

Safer data protection

The biggest difference from the online version is that the test data of the LAN version of the test system will be saved in the user’s server, so users can keep their test data by themselves, which is more suitable for large enterprises and government departments.

The LAN version of Online Exam Maker is suitable for institutions that conduct long-term exams and value the security of exam data. You can download the LAN version from the Online Exam Maker official website and experience it for free.