What Online Exams can Help Schools and Businesses Reduce Unnecessary Investment?

The conduct of online exams requires the collaboration of multiple people. Especially for offline exams, exam venue, the printing of exam papers, and invigilators are needed. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, online exam system has been widely used, and online examinations have become a common examination method in schools and enterprises. In addition to making it easier to conduct and participate in exams, online exams reduce a lot of unnecessary investment.


With the development of technology, investment of personnel will be reduced. For Online Exam Maker, uper administrators can add sub-admins and give them different permissions according to their needs. All operating systems will be recorded to ensure the security of test data.

online exam system

add sub-admin


The organization and participation of the exams are carried out online, and people can complete the exam process through the online exam system. This will leave test organizers and test participants time.

online exam system

exam link to take the exam

Cost of organizing exams

Candidates only need to click the test link to enter the test, and the paperless online test can save a lot of paper and the cost of printing the test paper. In addition, the anti-cheating function in the test system can effectively prevent candidates from cheating, and test organizers can save the purchase of additional anti-cheating equipment.

Manual operations

In the online exam system, the mature examination function can reduce the manual input in the whole process of the examination.

  1. Candidates register for the examination independently, and the personal information of the candidates will be automatically updated inthe examination system.
  2. After uploading the test questions, the system checks the duplicates in batches, and it only takes a few seconds to find the duplicate questions in the question bank.
  3. Four steps to successfully create an online exam. The simple-to-operate system reduces the user’s mastering time on the system.
  4. Smart Proctoring.Intelligent anti-cheating detection in the system can help invigilators monitor the test-taking behavior of candidates.
  5. Automatic After the test, the test system will automatically correct the objective type of questions on the test paper, such as multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, etc.
  6. Data analysis. When all test papers are marked, the system will analyze all test data, and test data can be exported.

Online Exam Maker is a cost-effective exam system. For new users, they cam ues it for free. For users with higher needs, it supports monthly, yearly or even lifetime version purchases. If you also want to conduct a cost-effective online exam, please click the registration button at the top right of the page to experience Online Exam Maker for free.