How do Online Schools Prevent Cheating

Abstract: There are several functions that can assist with teachers in preventing cheating in online exams. If you are interested in cheating prevention, this passage is worth reading.

For schools, exams are to test students’ learning outcomes, which means that the credibility and authenticity should be taken seriously. We have already known the way how to treat cheating in offline exam. Nowadays, online schools has become a trend in education. How do online schools prevent cheating in online exams?

  • Face Detection

Face detection refers to candidate authentication, which is one of the most major step of an online exam. For many schools, in order to prevent a surrogate test-taker, a major concern while taking online exam in the first step is authentication of the candidate’s identity.

Face detection

  • Automated Advanced Monitoring

AI proctoring can help in detecting potential misconduct like taking a bow, hand waving and multiple faces, etc. When the above actions of cheating are detected, an alert will pops up. After *3 such alerts, the exam is terminated.

  • Human Proctoring

Proctor can view live streaming of candidates taking the exam. Meanwhile, proctor can also monitor a dozen candidates in the same time. When proctors find someone cheating, he/she can issue a warning or  directly terminate the exam of candidates caught.

Camera monitoring

  • Screen Lockdown

When there is a screen lockdown, candidates are not allowed to use background screen sharing applications. They have no access to any other windows but exam window. It can effectively prevent cheating in online exams through network.

  • Random Mode

Even if the students want to copy the answers directly, the random mode increases the difficulty of cheating.

  • Random Question. All questions are selected randomly from pool.
  • Random Order. Each exams of candidates can be various in different order.
  • Random Option. The options of multiple choice can be out of order.

In Online Exam Maker, teachers in online schools do not need to worry about malpractice.  The above functions can prevent cheating in online exams so that it can ensure the online exam go smoothly.

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