What is the Best Way to Prevent Students from Cheating?

With the increasing popularity of online exams, many candidates think that if the teacher is not around, they will have more opportunities to cheat. Teachers are also worried about this problem. Cheating will happen wherever there is an exam. Some students will let others take the test instead of themselves, and some students will not only use their mobile phones to find the answers, but also upload the answers to the test on the Internet for others to use. Schools in various countries are upset by this situation. In Algeria, it is very common for students to cheat in exams since 2016. The Ministry of Education to declare several exams invalid and require hundreds of thousands of candidates to take the exam again. In order to avoid this kind of cheating on smart devices, some countries and regions have adopted the method of turning off the Internet to prevent candidates from using smart devices to cheat. However, the measure of shutting down the Internet is not just for students in the exam. It shuts down the entire country’s Internet. During the exam, no one can access the Internet. Turning off the Internet during the exam is a way to prevent candidates from using smart devices to cheat, but it is not the best way. In order to reasonably guarantee the fairness of the exam, many companies around the world have developed quiz maker with anti-cheating function. Online Exam Maker also has a variety of anti-cheating features.

Face recognition

It means that candidates need to perform face matching when entering the exam to ensure that the candidates themselves are participating in the exam. When the system administrator creates an exam, in addition to turning on the face recognition function in the exam settings, it also needs to upload the candidates’ personal information in advance. Candidates can enter the exam only they pass the face recognition.

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Steps of face recognition

Screen switching limit

The administrator turns on this function when creating the test paper, they can also set whether to allow candidates to switch screens. When the number of screen cuts exceeds the limit during the test, the system will force the paper to be handed in.

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Prompt message of screen switching limit

Full-screen function

It requires candidates to turn off all social software during the test. Once the feature is turned on, the candidate can exit the mode only after the test is over. This feature is the same as the anti-cutting screen function, it is very useful to prevent candidates from opening a tab to find answers.

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Tips of full-screen mode

Answering setting

The administrator can set up a variety of answer questions in the system to prevent candidates from cheating. For example, the test interface prohibits copying, answering time setting, automatic skipping, etc.

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Multiple anti-cheat settings

Intelligent anti-cheating detection

During the exam, if multiple faces appear on the invigilation screen, the faces disappear, or other phenomena that are suspected of cheating, the system will prompt the candidates.

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Prompt message of intelligent anti-cheat detection

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