How do Online Exams Software Prevent Cheating?

The most worrying thing of online exam is misconduct. Misconduct can violate the fairness of exams, which is not encouraged. Is there any software can prevent cheating in online exams? How can it be realized?

Rapid development of science and technology make a qualitative leap in the functions of online exam software. There are various practical anti-cheating functions emerging.

Face Recognition

Before entering the exam, students need to scan their faces to match their photos through camera. If their photos and faces fail to match, candidates have no right to enter the exams. This way can effectively avoid surrogate exam-takers.

Face recognition

(Face recognition)

Screen Lockdown

To prevent cheating in online exams, online exam software offers screen lockdown. What does screen lockdown refer to? Screen lockdown means while candidates take the exam, the test interface will occupy the entire desktop. They are limited to switch the page, so as to effectively prevent candidates from seeking helpers by projection, remotely connecting, or other ways on their computers.

Screen lockdown

(Screen lockdown)

Combining AI and Human Intervention

An AI proctor can intelligently detect potential misconduct. When the exam ongoing, candidates need to taking exam alone in a quiet environment and need to obey the code of conduct. If they fail to obey the rules, their paper will be submitted forcibly. Meanwhile, human proctors can monitor simultaneously every move of at least 12 students in the back-end. If they find somebody are cheating, they can issue a warning immediately.

Multi-screen proctoring

(Multi-screen proctoring)

Online Exam Maker can effectively prevent cheating in online exams. If you plan to organize a serious and formal exam, please click the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner of the page to create an online exam.