What is the Best Way to Catch Candidates who Cheat on Online Exams?

The lack of invigilators for online exams seems to provide candidates with plenty of opportunities to cheat. Many people who grade test papers will find that in the process of test correction, many candidates’ answers are not much different from the standard answers. It’s hard to believe that candidates are not cheating. However, how to catch candidates who cheat on online exams?

As developers of online exam systems, we have contacted exam organizers in various industries and found that the most effective method is to conduct online proctored exams. It means the test organizer needs to select a test system with strong anti-cheating function to conduct the test, such as Online Exam Maker. In this system, there are several ways to catch cheating candidates.

Online proctoring

The test organizer can monitor the test taker’s behavior during the test online through webcam, and can send cheating warning to the test taker at any time, and even force the test paper to be submitted. In addition, in the case of monitoring a large number of candidates, the cheating rate ranking function in the system can screen out candidates with a high probability of cheating and let the invigilators pay more attention on them.

online exam system

Submit exam papers compulsorily

When a candidate violates the set examination rules such as the following, the system may submit exam papers compulsorily.

  1. When thetest taker switches the screen more than the set times, the system will automatically submit their test paper.
  2. When the intelligent anti-cheating detection isenabled, if the system detects that the examinee is cheating, the system may submit the candidate’s test paper.

online exam system

Cheating record

During the whole process of the test, any cheating behavior of the test taker will be recorded, and the administrator can go to the “Exam Record” to view it.

online exam system

The development of technology can help people solve more and more problems. The online exam system not only creates a new way to organize examinations, but also provides an effective measure to ensure examination safety. If you also want to conduct a secure online exam, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience the creation of the online exam for free.