How to Arrange Make-up Exams for Online Exams?

When many users organize online exams, there will be situations where candidates need make-up exam. For administrators with too many candidates, it is difficult for the administrator to accurately find out who is the candidate needs make-up exam. As an online exam system with powerful analysis data, Online Exam Maker can accurately screen out candidates who need make-up exams for administrators. At the same time, the administrator can arrange the exam for them according to the list of candidates.

There are two reasons for candidates to take make-up exam: 1. candidates missed the exam 2. candidates failed the exam.

Candidates missed the exam

  1. The administrator informs the candidates totake the make-up exam. They can view the list of candidates who are absent after entering the “Exam Record” page. And then select candidates who are absent from the exam and click “Retake Notice”, administrator can choose to notify them of the exam by email or text message. When editing the notified information, the administrator can copy the exam link to the notification message, and the candidate will receive the retake notice. So that they can take the exam immediately.

(Tips: When creating an exam, the administrator needs to set the number of taking exam to one time, so that candidates who have already taken the exam can no longer take the exam.)

online exam system

  1. Add a group for make-up exam. After the administrator selects the candidates who are absent, click “Add to the retest group” to add these candidates to a new group. Finally, candidates in the make-up test group are designated to take the exam.

(Tips: Only when the test papers that log in to the exam with an account are set, the system can count the information of the absentees, and then can reschedule the exam for the absent candidates by viewing the list of absent candidates.)

online exam system

Candidates failed the exam

In the “Absent” list, in addition to the list of absentees, there is also a list of candidates. The administrator can select the candidates who failed the exam from this list to take the make-up exam.

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The function of make-up exam can save administrators a lot of time to screen candidates who need make-up test. If you also need to have an online exam system with make-up test function, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience it for free.