Can Students Cheat on Online Proctored Exams

Affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, teachers have to conduct exams online using online exam software. This worries teachers that students may cheat while taking exams remotely, which makes it difficult to maintain the integrity of the exam. The good news is that anti-cheating functions are provided by online exam software which can be used during the online exams. But can students cheat on online proctored exams?

It is nearly impossible for students to cheat during an online proctored exam due to the powerful features provided by online exam software. Take Online Exam Maker as an example, here are the anti-cheating features provided by Online Exam Maker.

1.AI Proctoring

AI proctoring is provided by Online Exam Maker and there is no need for manual proctor, through which the sound environment of the candidates, multiple people, ghost exam taker and the small movements of the candidates can all be detected and a warning will be given by the system automatically.

For example, it can be set up by the administrator that the exam will be terminated if multiple people are detected more than the times set.

2.Live Proctoring

Surveillance camera can be turned on during an online exam. Teachers can view the real-time screen of the candidates, and give a warning if students are cheating and also check the photos of the students captured by the system.

3.Full Screen Mode

The exam can be taken by the students under full screen mode therefore the students will not be able to exit the mode to search for the answer before the papers are submitted.

4.Interruption Limit and Screen Switching Limit

Interruption limit and screen switching limit can also be set up by the administrator to prevent students from stopping the exam or switching screen to search for answers.

5.Face Recognition

Face recognition provided by Online Exam Maker makes it impossible for candidates to cheat by hiring paid exam takers. Candidates have to pass the face matching process before entering the exam.

6.No Copying&Pasting

No copying and pasting can be set by the administrator. Thus students can not copy the question to search for answers or paste the answer.

From the proctoring features mentioned above, we can see that it is rather difficult for students to cheat during an online exam created in online exam software. Therefore the credibility of the exam can be maintained even the test is taken remotely. Free trial of OEM is available at present. If you are in need, you can have a try.

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