What Functions can LAN Monitoring exam in Online Exam Maker Benefit Admin?

The examination in the local area network is paperless, all test data will be saved to the local server of the test organizer. That is to say, the test data in the local area network will be more secure, and it will be less affected by the network, which can ensure the stability of the test. Therefore, more and more large institutions will prefer to organize online exams within the local area network. In order to prevent candidates from cheating, most of the LAN exams will enable the anti-cheating functions. Online Exam Maker is a full-featured online exam system, what are the advantages for administrators to use it to carry out LAN monitoring examination?

Ensure fairness of exams

Obviously, enabling the anti-cheating function during the exam can ensure the fairness of the exam to a certain extent. After the camera proctoring function is turned on in Online Exam Maker, the administrator can view the test taker’s test behavior during the test process on the other side of the screen. Admins can easily discover the cheating behaviors of candidates. During the monitoring process, administrators can also edit and send warnings to candidates based on their cheating behavior.

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Quickly filtrate

Admin can enable the function of violation rate to quickly filtrate the candidates with a high possibility of cheating, so that admin can pay more attentions to them. For large-scaled exams with lots of candidates, this function can save administrators time and energy.

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Evidence retention

All cheating during the exam will be recorded on the exam report of the candidate. Candidates who cheated will not be able to refute their cheating. Administrators do not need to record their own cheating behaviors.

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The online exam system is constantly developing, and the LAN exam maker is also constantly improved and developed. The LAN version of the exam system and the SaaS version of the exam system have their own advantages. If you want to know more or buy the LAN exam maker, please consult us for more details.