What are the Risks of Online Exams You should Know?

Needless to say, online examinations are becoming increasingly popular with more and more institutions due to their convenience. If you have been involved in or planned a traditional offline exam, you will no doubt know that it takes a lot of manpower to successfully run an offline online exam. In the age of online information, traditional offline exams are gradually being transformed into online exams in order to increase efficiency and provide more opportunities for candidates. Online examinations are based on web-based technology and many unexpected problems can occur during the examination process. The news, “EU cancels entrance exam after switch to online testing”. The cancellation of the online entrance exam by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) due to technical glitches and data security issues was strongly resisted by candidates and caused losses to them.

It is necessary to know about the risks in online exams. For inexperienced online exam organizers, this article will help you to understand the risks involved in running online exams in advance and improve the success of your exams.

Exam crash

It means that when too many candidates enter the exam at one time and the exam system is unable to cope with the huge volume and load of accesses, resulting in the exam system not functioning properly. A crash of online exam system may result in problems such as candidates being unable to log in and submit answers.

Exam interruptions

It is common for examinations to be interrupted while candidates are participating in online examinations due to the network or smart devices. In many cases, the interruption will result in the loss of the candidate’s answers. Candidates will be asked to re-enter the exam and answer the questions.

Exam delays

Delays in exams can be caused by a variety of factors, including slow or crashed networks, system failures and poor exam scheduling. Delays can affect the psychological state of candidates and their ability to answer questions, which can have a negative impact on the exam results.

Exam cheating

Online exams seem to give candidates more opportunities to cheat. Candidates participate in exams in different locations, which makes monitoring difficult for exam organizers. In addition, the development of online technology will provide more opportunities for cheating.

Advances in technology have made it possible to experience the convenience of online exams, and although there are many risks associated with online exams, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks and they remain a popular method of testing across all industries. To avoid the risks associated with online tests, it is vital to choose a practical online quiz creator and to carry out practice tests before the official exam. Here are a few reasons why you can make a firm choice of Online Exam Maker.

☑ The exam system saves candidates’ progress when the exam is interrupted.

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