How to Prevent the Risks of Online Exams?

The convenience of online exams allows exams to be conducted and taken online. However, online exams are easy affected by networks and devices, risks are more likely to arise during the exam process. Therefore, test organizers should consider possible risks and countermeasures before conducting the exam.

Leakage of test questions

The leakage of test paper content endangers test security. As a professional online exam system, Online Exam Maker can effectively solve this problem. In Online Exam Maker, super administrators can create multiple sub-administrators to work together. However, sub-admin rights need to be granted by the super-admin. All administrator actions will be recorded in the exam system.

online exam system

Cheating in the exam

In online exams, candidates are much more likely to cheat than offline exams. There are various anti-cheating functions in Online Exam Maker to effectively prevent candidates from cheating.

online exam system

  1. Prevent others from taking exams in place of candidates. Before entering the exam, candidates need to perform face recognition, and only candidates who have passed face recognition can enter the exam.
  2. Prevent candidates searching for answers online. Switching screens to find answers is one of the common cheating methods. Admin can enable the features of screen switching restrictions and full screen exam in Online Exam Maker. After the former is enabled, the system can automatically detect the number of times candidates switch screens and send a warning to candidates who switch screens. If test taker switches the screen more than the limited number of times, the examination system will compulsorily submit his/her exam paper. In full screen mode, candidates cannot perform other operations other than answering questions. This will be a good way to limit candidates from cutting the screen.
  3. Prevent candidates from looking for answers from books or mobile phones.Invigilators can monitor the behavior of candidates through webcam. In addition, the exam system can automatically detect the behavior of candidates, it can send cheating warnings to candidates suspected of cheating.

Unstable exam

Due to the large number of candidates or the instability of the online exam system, the exam may be unstable. Online Exam Maker is not only stable and supports more than 10,000 candidates to participate in the test at the same time, but also offer the exam service for multiple exams, which can ensure the smooth progress of the exam.

online exam system

Avoiding the risks of online exams is one of the necessary steps in conducting online exams. In addition to the consideration of exam organizers, online exam system is the practical tools to help people run online exams smoothly. If you also need to carry out a smooth online exam, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience the examination functions in Online Exam Maker for free.