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20 Cartoon Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

I believe that there is one or more unforgettable cartoon characters in everyone's memory. It made countless children happy and even healed adults in countless moments. Who doesn't love cartoons? From beloved classics to new favorites, our Cartoon Trivia Quiz...

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What are the Risks of Online Exams You should Know?

Needless to say, online examinations are becoming increasingly popular with more and more institutions due to their convenience. If you have been involved in or planned a traditional offline exam, you will no doubt know that it takes a lot of...

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Online and Offline Examinations: Relationships and Differences

Online and offline exams are two commonly used assessment methods in education and the workplace. Offline exams are usually held offline, and there are proctors in each exam. Candidates need to go to the designated place to take the exam at...

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Online Quiz Creator: A New Method to Enhance the Competitiveness of Educational Institutions

With globalization and digitization, competition among educational institutions has become more intense. With student numbers and revenues critical to their survival and growth, educational institutions are in fierce competition to attract and retain students. Educational institutions need to create a...

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How do Teachers Create Online Quizzes?

Abstract: Teachers can use Online Exam Maker to improve their work effiency. We understand that it is very important for teachers to make online exams for a group of students. Therefore, Online Exam Maker is built with teacher-centred idea. With...

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Does the form of online exams really make cheating more rampant?

When it comes to examinations, students’ malpractice always troubles teachers. To maintain the integrity of the exam, proctors are required to invigilate exams. However, affected by COVID-19, exams have to be conducted online this year, which even worries teachers more. Does...

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