What are the Features of a Quiz Maker for School Students?

Most students are accustomed to traditional offline exams, but with the development of technology, more and more schools hold online exams. The combination of online and offline exams can not only save time and cost, but also avoid unnecessary repetitive work. For teachers who are not familiar with the online exam system, what features in the system are suitable for students?

Easy to operate

It is important whether the system is easy to operate. As a professional online exam system, Online Exam Maker can meet the most needs of most users. Online Exam Maker supports Saas model, students can click the link or scan the QR code shared by teacher to take the exam anytime and anywhere. The interface of student’s back-end is concise, students can easily find the exams they need to take.

online exam system

interface of candidate’s back-end

Practical functions

  • Before the exam, teacher can improve the setting to notify students to take the exam. When the exam is coming, the system will send an email or text message to the candidates to notify them to take the test. Candidates can log in to the exam interface 30 minutes before the exam to avoid a slow server connection due to too many candidates.
online exam system

the setting of notifying students

  • There are various anti-cheating functions in the system, such as face recognition, test surveillance and so on. Some students may have the test interrupted during the test due to operational errors or other reasons. Test may interrupt due to operational errors or other reasons of students. Many of them will worry their test questions will be forced to submit. Online Exam Maker will help to solve this problem well. When the test is suddenly interrupted, the system will save the test progress.
online exam system

screen switching limit

  • When the exam is over, the system will automatically correct those test questions with fixed answers, and other test questions can be assigned to multiple sub-administrators for correction. The system will analyze the test results so that students can know the test results in a short time after the test is over.
online exam system

data analysis in many aspects

While the online exams are more and more popular, there are more and more online exam systems in the market. Only the system can meet users’ needs is the best system. If you are also interested in Online Exam Maker, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to learn more about the functions.