About Online Quiz Maker, how much do You Know?

The society has gradually entered a new era of high-tech development, the Internet has made our lives more convenient. Many schools’ and enterprises’ exams are conducted online now. Online exams can reduce the workload but also make the exams and training more effective. However, how much do you know about online quiz maker?

Exam and anti-cheating

It sounds like the system just for exams when someone talked about quiz maker. In fact, not all exam systems just provide examination services. Online Exam Maker, which also offers anti-cheating service. Many people think that online exams will have more opportunities for cheating than offline exams. Therefore, anti-cheating can ensure the fairness of online exams. There are various anti-cheating functions in Online Exam Maker, such as face recognition, intelligent anti-cheating detection and so on. When candidates are suspected of cheating during the exam, the system will give a warning. The administrator can view the cheating evidence collected by the system in the back-end.

quiz maker

cheating warning

Question Bank and duplicate checking

Online Exam Maker provides users with a free question bank to manage test questions. Users can upload multiple types of test questions in batches. After uploading the question, the user can use the duplicate check function to check whether the question in the question bank is duplicated.

quiz maker

import questions in batches

Automatic correction and sub-administration correction

The system will automatically correct objective questions with fixed answers. In order to ensure the accuracy of the test paper results, the administrator can assign the same test question to multiple sub-administrators for correction, which improves the accuracy and reduces the workload.

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Data analysis and results printing

Most quiz makers will analyze the test takers’ results so that the system administrator can know whether the candidate has mastered the relevant knowledge. Online Exam Maker also has the function of data analysis, and the analysis report supports to be printed, so that the administrator can print out the overall situation of the exam and distribute it to the candidates.

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data analysis

As one of the excellent examination systems, Online Exam Maker has helped many schools and enterprises to carry out online exams. About Online Exam Maker, there are many practical functions worthy of your understanding. Please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to try it for free.