What are the Benefits of Online Proctoring for Test Organizers?

More and more enterprises and schools conduct online exams. Online proctoring is an anti-cheating measure in online exams, which not only brings convenience to people, but also ensures the fairness of exams. As an efficient way to conduct exams, taking Online Exam Maker as an example, what are the benefits of proctoring in an online exam system for exam organizers?

Easily and quickly create exams

Online proctoring means that the test organizer needs to conduct exam online. It only needs four steps to create exam paper if conduct exams in Online Exam Maker. As long as the online proctoring function is enabled, invigilator can monitor the test taker’s behavior through the screen. Compared with exams organized offline, taking exams online saves time and costs.

online exam system

four steps to create an online exam

Ensure exam security

As an indispensable way of preventing cheating in online exams, online proctoring is effective in ensuring the fairness of the exam. It is an easy-operation for online proctoring. Invigilators can clearly check the behavior of candidates during the exam through the monitoring system during the exam. If a candidate who is suspected of cheating is found, the invigilator can send a cheating warning to the candidate, or even compulsorily submit the candidate’s test paper. This can effectively prevent candidates from cheating in the exam.

online exam system

admin can send warning during exam

Uncontested exam

In addition to being detected, all the cheating behaviors of candidates can also be recorded in the system. Therefore, candidates with cheating behavior will not be able to deny that they have cheated in online exams.

online exam system

cheating record of candidate

No restrictions on exam types

Online proctoring is suitable for all types of exams, and there are no restrictions on industries and exam types. Whether it is the exam for school, recruitment examinations and employee skill assessments in enterprises, etc., the test organizer can enable online proctoring in Online Exam Maker. It helps to ensure fairness in meaningful examinations.

Due to its mature technology, the online exam system has helped people to carry out many online proctored examinations. Compared with offline exams, online proctored exams are not only convenient and safe, but also an effective guarantee for the smooth development of exams. If you also want to ensure the fairness of the test, please conduct exams in Online Exam Maker.