The Essential Online Exam System for Exam Organizers

online exam system

It is believed that ou have heard of many brands of online exam systems on the market, which will affect your choice. As developers of the examination system, we often communicate with various users. To organize online exams, it is enough to have such a system.

No installation required

Online Exam Maker supports online organization of exams. The creation and participation of exams can be carried out directly online. Neither the exam organizer nor the candidates need to download the software, they can directly participate in the exam by clicking the exam link.

Easy to create test paper

In Online Exam Maker, the online exam can be created in just four steps. Even new users can quickly grasp how to create test papers.

Easy to answer

A simple answering system can reduce test takers’ answering time, as they do not need to spend extra time researching the use of the system. In Online Exam Maker, candidates can take the exam by simply clicking on the exam link shared by the administrator. For essay questions, candidates can take a photo and upload their answers.

Smart invigilation

During the exam, the administrator can monitor the candidates’ exam status throughout the whole process. If a candidate is found to be suspected of cheating, the administrator can send a cheating warning or compulsorily submit the candidate’s test paper. In addition to human proctoring, the above steps can also be completed by the system. When the system automatically detects cheating, it will also issue a warning or submit the candidate’s test paper.

Automatic Marking and Analysis of Exam Papers

In order to reduce the investment of personnel, the examination carried out in Online Exam Maker will be automatically marked by the system. When all test papers are graded, the system will automatically analyze the test data of the exam.

Personalized setting

In addition to the above exam-related functions, administrators can also build corporate branding in Online Exam Maker. For example, create a custom domain name, build a personalized home page, etc.

The above functions are all necessary steps in the process of carrying out online examinations. As an online exam system that helps users carry out many large-scale online examinations, Online Exam Maker has rich experience in customer service. If you are about to take an online exam, you can click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to try it out for free.