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How to Ensure Online Exam Conducted Fairly?

Now it is the college entrance examination in China, and the examination in various areas are going on normally. The college entrance examination is very important for every student, and the test results determine their future development prospects to a...

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An Online Exam System Help You Create an Online Exam

Abstract: will the transition from the traditional examination mode to the Internet online examination be very complicated? If you want to quickly create a standardized examination, Online Exam Maker is enough. It can do what the traditional examination can do and what the...

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How do Teachers Create Online Quizzes?

Abstract: Teachers can use Online Exam Maker to improve their work effiency. We understand that it is very important for teachers to make online exams for a group of students. Therefore, Online Exam Maker is built with teacher-centred idea. With...

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How to Create an Online Exam

Abstract: With the help of online exam system, it is convenient to create an online exam. The emergence of COVID-19 brings a curse to human beings. Fortunately, the existence of online exam system is a boon for people experiencing social...

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Why do online exam become a trend and online exam system become popular?

Now more and more people are taking online exams, especially under the influence of COVID-19, offline exams and classes are not feasible. Then, online exams will help us a lot, such as in corporate training assessment and online teaching in...

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How do I Create An Online Examination System?

Distance education in schools and educational institutions has been started. The exam online is really a boon for those want more knowledge training and for saving time and money because for offline exams people usually end up traveling to different...

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