How to Create an Online Exam

Abstract: With the help of online exam system, it is convenient to create an online exam.

The emergence of COVID-19 brings a curse to human beings. Fortunately, the existence of online exam system is a boon for people experiencing social distancing.

Why I say that? As everyone knows, exam is essential for schools and enterprises. They cannot organize offline exams in the period of pandemic. In this case, online exam system can help them create an online exam!

Online exam paper

Dose it easy to create an online exam in online exam system?

Just a few steps, you can organize a perfect online exam.

Firstly, import questions to question bank. If you have a high demand in importing a large number of questions, Online Exam Maker is a good choice for you. Users only need to follow the template and enter test questions. After that, users can import questions in batches by one click.

Batch import

(Batch import)

Secondly, create an online exam. There are four steps to create a paper.

Four steps to creat online papers

(Four steps)

The first step is fill in the basic information. The second one is select the questions. The questions can be selected randomly from question bank, selected one by one from question bank, and added a now one or directly imported from Word and excel. Also, there are three types of test paper forming. The third one is do some settings, such as time, theme, certificate as well as anti cheat. Lastly, The exam paper can be saved and published.

Select questions

(Select questions)

Lastly, the administrator can share the link or QR code to candidates.

QR code and link

(QR code and link)

 Click the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner of the page to create online exam.