How do Teachers Create Online Quizzes?

Abstract: Teachers can use Online Exam Maker to improve their work effiency.

We understand that it is very important for teachers to make online exams for a group of students. Therefore, Online Exam Maker is built with teacher-centred idea. With Online Exam Maker, you can easily create all your  online quizzes.

There are 10 types of questions teachers can create, such as, Multiple choice, Multiple response, True or False, Fill in the blank, Essay, Package, Uncertain Choose, Sorting, Matching, and Cloze Question.

Ten types of questions

(Ten types of questions)

  1. Register an account on Online Exam Maker

You can register to experience a free member and enjoy some basic functions.

  1. Import your questions in batches into question bank

All questions are saved and categorized in your question bank. You can re-use questions in all kinds of tests.

  1. Create online quizzes

After importing the needed questions, you can fill in the basic information of the exam.

  1. Select questions from question bank

Questions can be selected from question bank in order or at random. Or you can additionally add the new ones.

  1. Do some exam settings

You can make some settings about exam access, entering way, exam mode, anti cheat, result page ,report page, theme, ranking list, certificates, and sub-admins.

  1. Share the exam to candidates

There are 2 ways to release the exam, shared by link or QR code.

  1. View statistics data of test result

The system will make a comprehensive analysis of the candidates’ answers, which reduces teachers’ workload.

Four steps to create online exams

(Four steps to create online exams)

Online Exam Maker is a good assistant  to help teachers create online quizzes with ease.

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