Student Ability Assessment in an Online Exam System

Student ability assessment is the method for schools to understand students’ learning situation. The test results can not only reflect the learning situation of students, but also serve as feedback of teachers’ teaching achievements. It not only helps teachers understand students’ abilities, but also allows teachers to improve teaching content. The best way to conduct quick proficiency tests for students on a regular basis is to carry out online proficiency tests. Due to the development of technology, an online exam system such as Online Exam Maker can test students’ abilities in all aspects.

Reading comprehension

Reading comprehension is one of the necessary skills for students. Students usually need to read an article and then answer questions. In Online Exam Maker, admin needs to select the package type questions to create the test questions. The questions that students need to answer can be multiple choice questions, essays, fill-in-the-blank questions, matching questions, etc.

Calculate ability

Online Exam Maker supports inserting formulas into questions. After the administrator edits the formula questions to be uploaded in the question template, they can upload them to the system in batches. Various types of questions in Online Exam Maker support inserting formulas, making the types of test questions more abundant.

online exam system

formula questions supported


The detection of listening proficiency is more common in foreign language proficiency tests. Students will be asked to listen to a recording and then answer various questions based on the information captured in the audio. Administrators can insert audio, video, pictures and other media materials in Online Exam Maker.

online exam system

add audio or video file

General knowledge

Many schools will provide students with general education courses, which include knowledge of a large number of subjects, such as scientific knowledge, humanities knowledge, and the integration of knowledge of various subjects. There will be various question types in the exam. As a practical online exam system, Online Exam Maker provides users with ten types of examination questions, which can satisfy various types of knowledge assessment.

online exam system

ten types of questions

Student ability assessment is an effective way to test students’ ability. The advantage of online assessment is that the use of the examination system makes the assessment process easier and simpler. If you also need to conduct proficiency assessment for students, please click the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner to experience test functions in Online Exam Maker for free.