How to Organize Online Scholarship Assessment with Online Exam System

As a part of education system, scholarship plays an important part in modern world, which is not only an honour for the students who win it but also helps students to release their financial pressure so that they can focus on their studies.

There are mainly two kinds of scholarships, including full scholarship and partial scholarship. However, there are various kinds of scholarship exams worldwide. From undergraduate level to post-graduation or PhD level, scholarship exams help identify students that are qualified to win the scholarship.

Traditionally, the scholarship exams are based on paper and pens. And students are required to take the exams at the same time and the same place while being proctored. We can see that the whole process is conducted with high cost.

However, Online Exam System can be used to simplify the onerous scholarship exams.

Following are some of the key things which will automate the scholarship assessment process:

1. Online Registration

After scholarship exam registration activities are created by the teachers who are in charge of the scholarship assessment, the link and the QR code of the sign-up activities can be shared to the students which enable them register online before the deadline of the scholarship exam registration activities, which is totally convenient for both students who apply for a scholarship and teachers who are responsible for the scholarship assessment. Online registration simplifies the traditional registration job. Students can fill in the scholarship registration form from a desktop or a mobile to get a scholarship exam qualification. After the scholarship registration of students, their  basic information that will be applied in the scholarship exam, including name, gender, student ID, phone number and email address, etc. will be collected by the system.

2. Anti-Cheating Function

With anti-cheating technology, there is no need to worry about students cheating during the scholarship test even the test is taking remotely. Any abnormal operation during the scholarship exam will be captured by the online exam system with its limitation of times of switching screen, powerful face recognition and video surveillance, which provides a fair and just environment for the scholarship exam and also frees teachers from proctoring the exam.

3. Online Exam Assessment Function

Firstly, it is environment-friendly to conduct scholarship exams in an online exam system without paper. Then, a system like OnlineExamMaker provides a platform to conduct both subjective and objective assessments.  When it comes to subjective assessment, the student needs to type the answer on the screen and save it. As for the objective assessment, multiple choice questions can be used. Finally, after the scholarship exam is taken by the students who apply for scholarship, the exam paper can be marked automatically or manually according to the scholarship exam settings. There will be statistics analysis of the exam and the scholarship exam ranking will also be provided by our online exam system.

OnlineExamMaker is one such platform that can provide colleges with system for conducting online exams, which will simplify the scholarship assessment process greatly.

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