A new variant of coronavirus has been found!Stop offline exams and start online exams now!

A new Covid-19 variant emerged and scientists are working to learn more about this variant. Still it is extremely important to take effective measures for the public to keep healthy and safe. For schools, it is still a challenge to conduct an traditional exam. Luckily, with online exam software, online exams can be a substitute for offline exams.

Question Bank Development&Exams Creation

Schools can develop a question bank of their own and the questions can be managed by subject, grade, etc. After importing questions in batches or adding questions one by one, users can start creating an exam. There are four steps to create an exam: 1.fill in basic information; 2.select questions; 3.add settings; 4.release the exam. The exam can be timed.

There are two modes that can be chose for each exam: practice mode and test mode. If the test is just for daily practice, the practice mode can be turned on. Therefore, it can be set up that students can check the answer and analysis after answering each a question to consolidate students’ learning.

Powerful Anti-cheating Features

If it is an exam that requires high credibility, powerful anti-cheating features, such as face recognition, live proctoring, intelligent anti-cheating function, screen switching limit and so on are also provided by Online Exam Maker.

After the exam is created, the link and the QR code of the exam can be shared to the students. And by clicking the link and scanning the QR code of the exam, students can enter the answering page of the exam.

Auto Grading

After the test paper is handed in by students, for objective questions, the system will do the grading automatically; and for subjective questions, marking by keywords can be set.

Traceable Statistical Analysis

Rich statistical analysis is also provided by Online Exam Maker, including average score, highest score, lowest score, ranking list, pass rate and fail rate etc.

There are many more useful features provided by Online Exam Maker. If you are interested in it, you can sign up and have a free trial by yourself.

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