Efficient Proctoring Solutions for Online Exams

Education industry is experiencing a big transformation amid COVID-19 outbreak. Exams and teaching have been transformed to online. And to maintain the integrity of the exams, teachers  use online exam software with proctoring functions to conduct online exams.

Here are efficient proctoring solutions provided by online exam software for online exams.

Face Recognition: verify the identity of test taker

Face recognition function is supported by online exam software, which can verify the identity of test taker. If face recognition is turned on in an exam, the candidates must pass the face matching process to enter the exam. Or the candidates will not be able to take the exam.

Live Proctoring

By turning on the surveillance camera function, the camera will be on during the whole exam period. Teachers can proctor the exam in administrator back-end; and if candidates cheat, a warning can be given.

Teachers can also view the pictures of candidates captured during the exam.

live proctoring

Intelligent Anti-cheating Monitoring

This is one of the most advanced anti-cheating function supported by online exam software. Multiple faces, paid exam taker, the suspicious activity(turning head, bowing head, etc.) and the sound of the exam environment can all be detected by the system.

Multiple candidates can be detected by the system, and if it reaches the limit of times, the candidates will not be able to continue the exam.

Face recognition will be on during the whole exam period, and if the face matching fails and it reaches the limit, the candidates will not be able to continue the exam. Therefore, hiring a paid exam taker will not work!

The suspicious activity of candidates can also be detected and if the times is reached, the exam paper will be handed in automatically.

The sound environment can also be detected, once the sound of the environment is bigger than the sound sensitivity level set by the administrator. And if it reaches the times set, the exam can not be carried on.

These are efficient proctoring solution provided by the online exam software, Online Exam Maker.

If you are interested in it, you can have a try by yourself.

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