Several Situations that Easily Lead to Failure of Online Exams

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Institutions in more and more industries are converting offline exams to online exams. Online exams allow exam organizers to organize exams online and candidates to take exams online. However, if there are any problems in online exams, the test organizer can only communicate with the test taker online. Therefore, test organizers should prepare well when conducting an exam to ensure the smooth development of the exam. As an online exam system provider, we will tell you about several situations that can easily lead to failure of an online exam.

Number of candidates taking exam simultaneously

The number of candidates who are allowed to take the exam simultaneously in the test system is the main factor that affects the conduct of the exam. In order to ensure the stability of the examination system, there will be a limit on the number of candidates who can take the examination at the same time for each exam system. If the number of candidates taking exam simultaneously exceeds the limit, the exam system may freeze or even crash during the exam. Before conducting an online exam, the test organizer must select an online exam system that can meet the needs of the number of taking exam.

Exam Rules

Exam settings in exam system can help exam organizers to set exam rules. For example, the opening time of the exam, the candidates allowed to enter the exam, the time to answer the questions, etc. Without these rules, the exam will not run smoothly.


Cheating is frequently discussed in online exams, there seems to be more cheating opportunity for candidates. Candidates have a variety of methods to cheat in online exams. Such as switching screens to find answers, asking people around for help, using third-party software or devices to cheat, etc. Whichever method of cheating is used to get a high score is unfair to other test takers.

Exam Notice

There will be a small part of candidates absent from each online exam, where missing exams due to missed exam times can be easily resolved. The test organizer may send test notices to candidates via email before exam.

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