Revolutionize Your New Employee Training Program with Online Test Software

New employee on-boarding is an important moment for businesses. At this stage, companies face many challenges, such as how to conduct training quickly and efficiently, and how to ensure the standardization and quality of training content. Online test software can help companies solve these challenges and improve the efficiency and quality of new employee training.

Why use an online examination system for new employee training?

In addition to improving the efficiency and quality of training, conducting new employee training in an online examination system has several advantages that cannot be matched by offline training.

  • Standardized training content and assessment criteria. Companies can create standardized test content for assessing new employees to ensure that the knowledge and skills each new employee learns during onboarding meet the company’s requirements. At the same time, the assessment results generated by the online testing software provide a more objective picture of the new employee’s performance.
  • Reduces training costs. Compared with traditional offline training, online training and online assessment saves a lot of costs, including labor costs, venue rental fees, paper, etc.
  • Quality learning experience. Online exams or online courses produced by Quiz maker are usually interactive. Examples include ranking, exams and study points.

Several steps to carry out new employee training in the examination system

  • Define training objectives

Defining the training objectives is the first task to carry out training. In the enterprise, the training content of new employees should be different for each position.

  • Design training content or assessment test questions

The training content or test questions designed for new employees should be based on the training objectives, so as to ensure that what the employees learn in the training is in line with the development needs of the enterprise.

  • Set examination rules

Strict training/examination rules are necessary to truly assess the employee’s ability. The examination rules can be set in terms of examination time, number of examinations, etc.

  • Assigning exams

Generally, it is possible to share online exams to candidates by sharing exam links in most exam systems.

Ways to optimize training for new employees

The training of new employees is not only beneficial to the employees themselves, but also trains the required talents for the enterprise. The flexible training method has played an important role in reducing the cost of the enterprise and shortening the training time. Therefore, when enterprises carry out new employee training and assessment, it is very important to adjust the training according to the learning and assessment of employees.

  • Adjust test questions

After the training or assessment is over, corporate trainers can view the employee’s learning and assessment records to adjust the training plan. Refer to the employee’s ability map provided by the examination system, and adjust the training and test content at any time according to the employee’s performance.

  • Provide personalized training

The test data analysis in the test system can reflect the real performance of each employee. Corporate trainers can customize individualized training plans for each employee based on their performance.

  • Increase interest of training and assessment

In addition to learning and examination records, records of absentees can also be queried in the examination system. These data will be a strong support to increase the fun of training and assessment.

Online Exam Maker is an online test software with powerful test function. Its function will make the development of new employee training more standardized.

☑ Examination functions such as limiting the examination time, the number of examinations, etc.

☑ The learning platform can support the creation of various types of courses, such as pictures, videos, audios, etc.

☑ Anti-cheating function to ensure the fairness of the exam.

☑ Learning and examination data analysis, these data can become the basis for training improvement.