Online testing software for online training

With the internet taking over the world and the ever-expanding globalization, exams and assessments have gone online. The online testing software provides a comprehensive training platform for schools, educational institutions and enterprises to evaluate their students or employees by generating results and reports. It makes the organizers’ job easier as evaluation and result generation are all automated.

If enterprises need to conduct online training for employees, here’s the best online testing software——Online Exam Maker—— a professional testing software for online training.

Why recommend companies to use our OEM testing software for online training?

1. Convenience and Efficiency

In an online examination system, the exam can be conducted whenever and wherever the candidate is. There is no need to download a software, OEM provides a one-stop service for online training. Enterprises can upload questions to the question bank to form the enterprise knowledge base. Once the question bank has been set up, it is relatively easy to create a test. Set up the basic information and select the test questions from the question bank, the test questions can be fixed or random, after setting up the parameters, save and publish to the students for training.

Our system provides a variety of anti-cheating methods, such as face recognition and video surveillance. The exam surveillance can be conducted with the help of a web camera.

2. Quick Test Result

In a paper-based examination, there are a lot of steps involved, resulting in the paper evaluation process to take up a lot of time and making it prone to human errors.

While in an online exam, the results are calculated instantly and accurately. After submitting the test, the score, ranking and comment can be shown immediately in the result page.

3. Test Record

Each test is recorded, with information about who have taken the test, scores, test time, the rankings, and so on. The administrator know which employees have attended the exam or which employees have not attended the exam, which facilitates the arrangement of online training for employees.

4. Statistical Analysis

The intelligent analysis of the online examination system reduces the manual statistical work of the examination. After a test, the scores of the examinee will be analyzed with data to generate the statistical chart, average score, pass rate and wrong questions will be shown, so that the exam results are clear.


Online Exam Maker is trusted and praised by many users. We provide best and popular examination system for online training. If your company has a need for online training, please consider using Online Exam Maker!

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