Online Quizzes—-Some Simple but Important Benefits


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With the rapid development of technology and the outbreak of the COVID-19, the rapid change of knowledge and the blockade of countries and regions, it seems that people have to carry out online teaching and online testing. However, online testing is beneficial for students, adopting a new test mode may create unexpected results for students.

Save time

Online exams have changed the traditional way of exams. Students only need to log in to their account to take the exam anytime, anywhere. This is the most obvious benefit of online exams. Students do not need to spend extra time arriving at the designated location on time to take the exam, so they will have more time to prepare for the exam.

Get test results faster

Online tests are generally organized by quiz maker, there is function of automatically correcting test papers in some professional system, such as Online Exam Maker. Automatic correction allows the test paper to be corrected quickly and shortens the time for students to wait for the test result. When the online test is over, students can log in to the system to check the scores.

Strict institution restrains students’ behaviors

Online exams have high requirements for proctoring software in the absence of personnel for proctoring. Generally, the organizer of the exam will choose an authoritative exam testing software to ensure the fairness of the exam. Under the supervision of advanced science and technology, it is difficult for students to cheat. Cheating is risky, students lose opportunity to cheat not only protects their reputation but also review more carefully before the exam, so that they can truly master the knowledge by their own efforts.

Easier to know the deficiency

When organizing online exams, quiz maker will provide administrators with a variety of different ways to choose test papers. The administrator can organize the test questions randomly. Because because in the process of selecting test question to organize test papers, organizer’ s preference may affect the test papers composition, random combination of test papers can avoid this situation. In addition, the test system supports many types of test questions, and the overall ability of students can be well investigated. When reviewing before the exam, students do not need to review the content of the textbook a lot, but need to improve their overall ability.

There are lots of benefits of online quizzes for students, because many professional quiz makers provide many practical functions for online exams, so that online exams can keep pace with the times from the beginning of the organization to the end of the exam. Click the “Sign up” button on the top right so that you can experience our system for free.