How do Schools Make Quizzes Online?

Abstract: The sudden outbreak in 2020 has disrupted the examination arrangements of many schools. The school is closed, students are scattered, and a series of examinations arranged by the school, such as daily quizzes, weekly examination, mid-term and final examination, etc., seem to be unable to be carried out in the traditional form of examination organization.

The difficulty of quiz organization seems to be huge in such a situation, so how did these schools solve the problem at that time? It is understood from some school, during the epidemic period until now, a large number of schools are using online examination system to solve the difficult problems of school quizzes online.

Will it be difficult to organize school quizzes online?

In fact, it is not difficult to organize school exams in Online Exam Maker, its using method is very simple. Compared with the traditional examination organization, there is no need to typesetting, printing test papers and arranging the examination hall. In the online examination system, an examination can be  launched easily. According to the steps, fill in the information of the test paper, import the questions in batches and do some settings. A online exams can be created in minutes, and the test can be flexibly organized. A formal examination can be done by fixing the arrangement of test questions and a routine exercises can be done by randomly draw from question bank.

User-friendly system

Is it safe and stable to organize a huge school quizzes online?

Online Exam Maker enjoys rich experience in organizing large-scale examinations. Before the test, the technical team will help you debug the equipment remotely and do the stress test well. During the examination, we will monitor the examination data to ensure the data security. After the examination, we will do a good job of data backup in time to prevent data loss.

High concurrency

Online Exam Maker will provide you with the best solution of school quizzes online.  If you just look through this passage, it’s not as impressive as your own experience.

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