Are Online Quizzes Safe

Abstract: Online examination is no longer the original instability and full of security risks of new things. With the help of  online exam system, it can make the  online exam more efficient and convenient.

Internet security is always a popular topic. Given to that worry, many people are afraid to take a step toward online exams. Are online quizzes safe for schools to organize?

In Online Exam Maker, people can rest assured to remove their misgiving.

  • Regular Data Backup

In order to avoid the data loss caused by data deletion, we will regularly back up the data for customers. If customers delete the data by mistake, we can restore them with ease. Besides that, if the power is suddenly cut off on the way to the test, Online Exam Maker will immediately save the data for the examinee, which is convenient for answering when restarting.

Whiling taking online quizzes, students have no way to cheat. Because there are a combination of AI and human proctoring. As long as candidates are caught, their exams will be terminated.

  • One-stop Service

Users can complete the whole process of online quizzes in Online Exam Maker. There is no need to embed external. On the one hand, it optimize the user experience. On the other hand, the user’s information is not so easy to be leaked and is well protected.

One-stop service

  • Professional Technicians

Our technicians will check the software regularly and never allow illegal links and viruses to damage the operation of the software.

  • High concurrency

Online Exam Maker enjoys an experience of holding a thousands-of-people exam. Users don’t have to worry that the software won’t work because a large number of candidates take exams at the same time.

High concurrency

In addition to online version, there is a LAN version for enterprises to conduct a more stable and safer staff traning and online quizzes, which is to use the company’s Intranet.

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