Online Exams Save the Three Costs for You

Online exam is one of the common exam methods, which is constantly improved because of the advanced technology of online exam system. People conduct the exams such as entrance exams, employee assessments, certificate exams, knowledge contests, etc. online. There are many advantages to online exams, that’s the reason for people to shift offline exams toward online exams. Cost saving is one of the distinguishing features of conducting online exams. In this article, we’ll tell you how online exams can help people cut cost.

Save paper

As one of the commonly used office and school supplies, paper has been greatly wasted. It takes 20 trees and 300 tons of water to produce 1 ton of paper. The consumption of preparations, electric energy, and sewage discharge of the production of paper will cause serious harm to the ecological environment. Markedly the production and waste of paper will cause serious harm to the ecological environment.

The steps in online exams will eliminate the use of paper.

☑Automatically verify candidate identities

☑Candidates answer test questions online

☑Electronic Examination Report

☑Issue electronic certificate

Reduce expenses

Various savings in conducting online exams, such as the cost of printing, venue renting, hiring. Online exams break geographic restrictions, for that reason, more candidates from all over the world can take the same exam. Candidates can take the exam without leaving home, it saves the fees such as transportation and accommodation.

In general, the purchase of online exam system is the major expense for exam organizers when conducting online exams. It is flexible to purchase exam service, it is feasible for users to subscribe for exam service monthly, quarterly or annually. To put it differently, users do not need to spend a lot of money endlessly investing in exam systems.

Both of these advantages are obvious. Conversely, time and effort put is most easily overlooked by the exam organizers.

The Intelligent Functions of the Examination System

Easy-operated online exam system for conducting various exams online.

The reason why online exams can reduce personnel investment is that advances in technology simplify the exam process. As a new test tool in the market, Online Exam Maker provides users with a variety of intelligent functions.

★Automatically identify candidates

★Import test questions in batches

★Intelligent proctoring

★Automatically mark exam papers

★Automatic analysis of exam data


Online exams will be the exam trend of the future. If you’re a trainer but didn’t conduct an online exam before, give it a try and you might find a more practical way to conduct the exam.