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Online education ensures the normal development of educational activities in educational institutions during the COVID-19. In the post-pandemic era, online courses and remote exams will provide greater opportunities for educational institutions to grow. So what kind of solution will the online exam system provide for the owners of educational institutions?

Before the solution, there are several issues for educational institution owners with online courses and remote exams that need to be paid atttention to.

Tool selection

it is important to choose a practical and easy-to-operate tool for the new user of conducting online courses and remote exams, which allows the owner of an educational institution to quickly master the use of the tool in a short period of time. Tools are selected based on the needs of users to conduct courses and exams.

Remote collaboration

Carrying out online courses and exams requires collaboration. How online education tools can solve the problem of remote collaboration deserves our attention.

Make students enjoy online education

Because online education is easily affected by the network or equipment, most students may be disgusted with online education. Before conducting online courses or online exams, it is important that students accept the online learning model in order to make the education run smoothly.

Save costs

Educational institutions are for-profit organizations, the owner needs to consider the cost of investment when operating. How to get the maximum output with the lowest input cost is a question worth pondering.

Brand building

In the post-epidemic era, the development of technology has provided more development opportunities for institutions, it is the best time for them to build institutional brand.

Online Education Solutions from Online Exam Maker for Educational Institution Owners

As a practical online exam system, there are not only exam dunctions in Online Exam Maker, but also course module in it. Creating courses and exams can be completed in the same system.

  1. It is easy to operate in Online Exam Maker, ven new users can master its usage in a short time. Best of all, this exam system has no industry restrictions and there are multiple exam types to choose from. Question bank management can store a large number of test questions; the intelligent anti-cheating system ensures the safety of the test; he automatic correction of test papers and automatic data analysis can reduce personnel investment.
  2. The super administrator can set up multiple sub-administrators to collaborate online to carry out courses and exams.
  3. The stable system in Online Exam Maker supports more than 10,000 people to take the exam at the same time, candidates can take the exam without downloading software. The easy-to-operate candidate background and diverse course types can arouse students’ interest in online learning.
  4. It supports monthly, annual or lifetime version purchases, users can subscribe to appropriate members according to their actual needs.
  5. Educational institution owners can brand their institutionuse with the feature of personalized homepagein Online Exam Maker. In addition, users can upload their own domain and unique logo, and can also display the courses on sale in the institution on the homepage, which is conducive to increasing marketing channels.

Online exam systems are widely used online educational tools during and after the pandemic. Online Exam Maker combines course and exam functions to make distance learning easier. If you are also looking for a practical online education software, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to get a free trial opportunity.