Online and Offline Examinations: Relationships and Differences

Online and offline exams are two commonly used assessment methods in education and the workplace. Offline exams are usually held offline, and there are proctors in each exam. Candidates need to go to the designated place to take the exam at the designated time and submit the exam paper. However, the whole course of the online examination is completed on the online examination platform. The invigilators will monitor the candidates through the webcam, and the candidates can take the test at any place, and the way of taking the test will be more flexible.

Regardless of industry, they require regular testing to measure student and staff learning. Both online and offline exams are important tools for assessment for them. With the development of technology, the emergence of online examinations provides a new way of assessment.


Both online and offline exams are ways of assessing a candidate’s knowledge and ability. exam will cover all aspects of classroom teaching or corporate training. Both the online exam and the offline exam need to go through a series of similar exam processes. For example, candidates need to perform identity verification before the test; they also need to strictly abide by the test kneeling during the test; after the test, the test organizer will correct the test paper, analyze the test data, and summarize the test results of the test takers. In addition, whether it is an online or offline exam, candidates need to complete the test within the specified time. At the same time, the purpose, content and scoring requirements of the test are the same, and there will be no drastic changes due to the format of the test.


Obviously, all the steps of the online examination need only be completed on the online examination platform. Neither the test organizer nor the test taker is required to be at the designated location to conduct and take the test. The offline test requires candidates to gather in a designated place to take the test. It is not difficult to see that because online examinations allow candidates to take the examination anytime and anywhere, it is more flexible than offline examinations. The offline exam is more formal.

Application of offline and online examination

Offline exam

Offline exams are the best choice for important exams, and the concentration of candidates will make it easier for the exam organizers to control the exam site. Entrance exams, international certification exams, vocational training exams such as medicine, nursing, construction and other industries need to be conducted in actual scenarios.

Online exam

Online examinations are often used in distance learning and online recruitment, as well as daily training and assessment of enterprises. Because the professional online quiz maker on the market can provide people with a variety of examination services, so that the development and participation of the examination can be completed online. At the same time, online quiz creator provides users with multiple anti-cheating functions in the exam to ensure that exams in various fields can be carried out fairly. The data analysis function of the online test system such as Online Exam Maker saves test organizers from spending time manually analyzing test data and saves labor input.


Whether it is an online exam or an offline exam, they are designed to test the knowledge and skills of the candidates. Choose different test methods according to different needs in order to maximize the value of the test.