Is it Good to Combine Online and Offline Teaching?

Internet makes our life more convenient. For the education industry, Internet allows teachers and students to teach and learn at home. On the other hand, the popularity of the Internet allows students from all regions to participate in the classrooms of high-quality teachers. However, traditional offline classrooms are more helpful for students because of the supervision of teachers. In this case, the combination of online and offline teaching can display their advantages respectively and make the classroom more effective. Many schools use online exam system to make online learning courseware and after-school exercises, which are helpful for students to master new knowledge.

online exam system

Preview before class

For some complex and difficult knowledge, students don’t have enough knowledge to understand them through textbooks. At this time, teachers can upload various types of courseware, such as videos, pictures and texts, on the online examination system to help students preview new knowledge. When the offline course starts, it will be easier for students to learn new knowledge points.

After-class exercise

Teachers can create prize quizzes on the system so that students can master knowledge by playing games. On the other hand, when students complete the test questions created by the teacher, they can repeatedly practice the test questions collected by the system in the back-end.

Easy to organize exams

The anti-cheating functions of the system such as face recognition, anti-cut screen and so on ensure the fairness of the exam. After the test, teacher can view the data of candidates in the back-end, such as test scores, passing rate, etc., saving the time of manual data collection.

Lively and interesting online courses help students learn new knowledge and review old knowledge. Traditional face-to-face teaching can better discover students’ problems. Therefore, the combination of online and offline teaching models can make education more effective. If you also want to use the online exam system for online education, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to have a try.