LAN Exam Maker Helps People Solve Several Exam Problems

online exam system

Online exam systems help people to conduct exams online, which allows candidates who are not in the same place to take the exam without leaving home. Different from online version system, the LAN version system allows users to carry out examinations in the offline local area network. What questions can it solve for people in the examination?

Exam security

When user conduct exam in the LAN exam system. only candidates in the same local area network can participate in the exam, and all exam data will be saved in the user’s server, which can effectively prevent the leakage of exam content and ensure the security of exam data.

In addition, there are lots of anti-cheating functions in the LAN version of Online Exam Maker.

  • The number of screenswitching is limited. If candidate switches the screen more than the set number of times, the system will automatically submit the candidate’s test paper.
  • Take exam in full screen mode. Candidates can only take the test in full screen mode, and can only exit full screen mode after submitting the test paper.
  • Intelligent anti-cheating detection. During the examination, the system will automatically monitorcandidate’s behavior. If candidate is suspected of cheating, the system will compulsorily submit his/ her test paper.
  • Camera proctoring. Invigilators can monitor test takers’ behavior through webcam. During the test, invigilators can send custom warnings to test takers who violate the regulations.
  • In addition to the above anti-cheating functions,other functions such as prohibiting copying and pasting, and limiting the number of test interruptions for candidates are also useful.

Exam stability

The biggest advantage of LAN exam system is to avoid the problem that candidates fail the examination due to network instability during the exam, exam in LAN exam system will be more stable. Moreover, the LAN version of the Online Exam Maker has the characteristics of large concurrency, which can support more than 1,000 candidates to participate in the test at the same time.

Work efficiently

For large-scale exams, both grading papers and analyzing exam data are complex work for test organizers, because both tasks require a significant investment of time to complete. The examination system can solve this problem. In Online Exam Maker, after the exam is over, the system will automatically correct the candidate’s exam paper. When all the test papers are marked, the system will automatically analyze all the data of the test. The intelligent automatic function can save the administrator a lot of time.

The online version of Online Exam Maker can also solve the problems of safety, stability and staff productivity in the exam. Compared with the online exam system, the LAN version has greater protection for the above problems. If your exam is highly confidential, the LAN version of Online Exam Maker is recommended.