How to Set Rules for Online Exams?

Every exam requires some rules to restrict the behavior of candidates during the exam. For example, when students participate in offline exams, they need to enter a specific exam venue in advance, cheating is strictly prohibited and so on. Online exams need to be bound by more stricter rules. In addition, it is important to choose one suitable online exam system. Because only a system with strong functions can greatly meet people’s requirements for online exams. As an exam system with multiple functions, Online Exam Maker can meet most of the test requirements. The specific operations are as follows: Click “setting” in the exam, there are 10 types settings for administrator to set rules for online exams.

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The following are several functions commonly used by users when they use Online Exam Maker to set rules.

Exam access

In this part, the administrator can set the expiration date of the test paper, the number of times to answer the paper, and the time to answer the question. Online exams are susceptible to the influence of factors such as the network, and the phenomenon of exam interruption will occur. The administrator can effectively solve this problem by setting the retention time of the exam interruption.

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Enter exam settings

The administrator can set the login method of candidates, which can not only specify the corresponding candidates to take the exam under certain circumstances, but also prevent the leakage of test questions. In addition, the administrator can edit the exam description so that candidates can understand the precautions of the exam.

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Test paper settings

In this part, the administrator can set the students to use attachments to upload answers when answering questions, which can save candidates time for answering questions. In addition, some rules can be set for answering questions, such as “All test questions must be answered before the paper can be handed in”, it can prevent candidates from submitting test papers without answering the questions.

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It is the most popular part in the settings, because the functions can effectively guarantee the fairness of the exam. There are a variety of anti-cheating functions in this part, such as face recognition, screen switching restriction, copy and paste prohibition, anti-cheating monitoring, etc.

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Settings of correction

The administrator can arrange for multiple administrators to participate in the correction of test papers in this part, which helps to reduce the workload of the administrator and also improves the accuracy of the correction of test papers.

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The above are the commonly used functions of Online Exam Maker about exam settings. If you are looking for a powerful online exam system to meet the needs of conducting exams, please click the register button at the top right of the page to try the Online Exam Maker for free.