How to Quickly Create a Free Online Quiz?

Because of the convenience of online exams, many schools have changed some offline exams into online tests. No matter what industry you are in or what kind of test you need to create, the following tips can help you save a lot of cost to create an online exam.

What kind of quiz maker is suitable for you

Many companies provide powerful examination systems, but these functions are not available to every user. It sounds like it is hard for users to judge whether it is good enough, because people can’t try it for free to understand its true function. My suggestion is that it will be a good system that can be free tried for the following functions.

  1. Question bank. A practical question bank can help you organize and save a large number of questions.
  2. Anti-cheating. Discussions on how to prevent cheating in online exams on Quora are very hot. The powerful anti-cheating functionscan guarantee the fairness of the exam.
  3. Exam correction. A practical exam system should correct the the questions automatically, which can help you reduce the burden of work.
  4. Data analysis.The administrator can view the exam status of each candidate or each test paper in the background of the system.
  5. There are free feature updates, so you can continue to use the same system at the lowest costfor a long time.
  6. You can get more advanced functions at a reasonable price.

Online Exam Maker can meet all the above functions. As a practical quiz maker, it provides professional examination services and powerful anti-cheating services for many customers. What are the steps to create an exam with Online Exam Maker?

quiz maker

Online Exam Maker

Create exam

4 steps can make an exam complete. After clicking “Add New Exam”, you only need to follow the system prompts to complete the basic information, select test questions, improve test paper settings such as entering the test, answering questions, anti-cheating settings, etc., and publishing the test paper to complete the creation of a test paper.

quiz maker

four steps to create an exam


The administrator can monitor the candidates’ exams in the back-end of the system. If the candidates are suspected of cheating, the system will promptly remind the administrator.

quiz maker

invigilation prompt

Exam correction

For questions with fixed answers, system can automatically correct them. Administrator can click “Grade Now” on the dashboard to select the exam to correct.

quiz maker

exam correction

Data analysis

The administrator can view each test paper or the test situation of each candidate in the “Statistics” part. These data can be exported in batches. The administrator can also improve the test questions of each exam or carry out specific training for the candidates.

quiz maker

data analysis in many aspects

As a professional quiz maker, Online Exam Maker can help you quickly create a free exam. If you are also interested in online exams, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to learn more functions about Online Exam Maker.