How to Effectively Improve Test Scores by Doing Exercise?

No matter which country or region, as long as there is education, there will be examinations. If candidates want to get high scores, they need to be familiar with the knowledge they have learned. Many people will do a lot of exercises to consolidate the knowledge they have learned during the review. However, not everyone will get good results in the exam after doing a lot of questions. After each exam, there will be many candidates complaining that they spend a lot of time without getting the results they want. When I was still in high school, I observed some classmates who always get high scores around me. They will record several classic questions in their set of wrong questions. When they encounter the same type of questions in the exam, they can solve these questions through the methods they have mastered. Therefore, how to quickly grasp the knowledge of the wrong question is the good point for us to investigate.

At present, every student has to do a lot of questions every day, it is trouble for students to record the wrong questions by themselves. Many schools now use quiz makers to carry out online exams, because online exams can make the learning  materials informatization. Students can repeatedly practice questions on smart devices. At the same time, they can improve their review plans based on the results of data analysis in the system.

Sort out the wrong questions

After the online exam is over, many exam systems will sort out the wrong questions for the candidates, such as Online Exam Maker. The system will form a collection of wrong questions for students. Students need to answer those questions twice correctly so that the system will remove the wrong questions from the collection.

quiz maker

errors collection

Data analysis

After the exam is corrected, the system will automatically analyze the examination situation of each student from many aspects. Therefore, candidates can do specific exercises to consolidate knowledge they do not master.

quiz maker

multiple aspects of data analysis

Online Exam Maker is not only a quiz maker that provides professional examination services, but also can be used to do exercises reasonably to improve grades without wasting time. If you also want students to get good grades without spending a lot of time doing exercises, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to start an online exam for students.