Does it Bother You to Manage Test Questions?

As we all know, In addition to having class, teachers also have complicated and tedious tasks such as correcting homework and organizing exams. The heavy work affects teacher’s enthusiasm to teach. No matter which country and region, students have to take a lot of exams, which means that teachers have to prepare many test questions. This kind of repetitive work content will increase the workload of teachers. Therefore, many countries and regions have adopted a series of policies to reduce the burden on teachers. To ease the work of teachers, schools and teachers can also adopt appropriate teaching tools to reduce the workload. With the popularity of online education, many schools use online exam systems to conduct online exams, because the examination system can help teachers reduce the burden on writing and managing test questions.

In China, a mature online exam system called Online Exam Maker is also a question bank system to help teachers easily manage exam questions.

online exam system

  1. There are test question templates on the system for teachers to download.After the test questions are edited on the test template, teachers can upload them in batches to avoid duplication of work content.
  2. Teachers can import multiple types of test questions into the system, such as multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, composition questions, etc. The rich question types can examine students’ mastery of knowledge from many aspects.
  3. Teachers can set up the classification of questions in the system. If teachers want to reuse test questions in the future, they can find the corresponding test questions in the categories. At the same time, the test questions can be set labels and grade of difficulty, which is convenient for teachers when choosing test questions.
  4. Teachers can double check the questions when they import them.

The use of the online exam system enables teachers to avoid unnecessary steps when creating test questions and reduces the workload. If you also want to easily manage the test question bank, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to have a try.